Site Inspection

A comprehensive roof inspection by a reputed and reliable roofing company will arm you with information on the need for repairs or replacement. With the right roofing company. We are one of the Houston roof leak repair companies, specialized in Roofing Contractors in Houston TX, emergency roof repair Houston and metal roof repair Houston.

Roof Remodelling

Our skilled and professional team can offer you best service available when it comes to Remodeling your roofing system. We will make sure that your home is protected and your roofing system installed correctly with high precision and attention to detail. When you choose Anchor Roofing Inc., you choose safety, quality, professionalism and incomparable quality. You chose top Houston roofing contractor.

Erection / Installation

If you are looking for a highly qualified team of roofers to help you with your roof installation in Houston, then call the dedicated team at Houston Home Improvements by dialing. Your roof support structure may fall victim to dry rot which in turn can lead to unstable and dangerous roofing system. It is vital to have your roof properly maintained and regularly inspected for any damages that may be present at any moment.


We have been performing coating applications for over a decade and have never had a claim on a warranty against leaks. Contact Houston roof leakage repair company for reconstruction as well as leakage of your roof. Proper preparation and priming of rusted areas with Stable Rust Primer is very important. We have been performing coating applications for over a decade and have never had a claim on a warranty against leaks.

Roof Maintenance

At Houston Roofing, we are among the very best stems from the range of services we offer. The roof repair, replacement, and maintenance that we have undertaken date has renewed the lease of life of structures. A leaky roof in your residential property can mar the interiors, with stains making their way down the walls and slowly advancing through false ceilings or gypsum boards.

Weathering Course

Weather proofing is not merely a fancy coat that goes on your roof. It is an important layer that separates occupants of the building from harm that can manifest slowly and inexorably. Residential and commercial properties in Houston are exposed to the harsh effects of nature. A reputed and reliable roofing company in Houston can insulate you from the effects of nature with suitable roof weather proofing.